Super Mario 3D World (LP)!

Hey guys, I've started my LP of Super Mario 3D World, and this will be my dedicated thread where I'll update whenever I post a new part on YouTube!

Once again, I would really appreciate constructive criticism. I have tried making things pretty professional, at least to the best of my abilities.

Things to Note:

* I set the Game Volume to 5, and the Mic Volume to 10 initially when I played through World 1, but after World 5 I changed it to 5 and 6 respectively. So if my voice is a bit too loud in this one, sorry!

* Make sure to watch in 1080p! (thank you capture card)

Let's Play Super Mario 3D World!

Part 1: "Dem Green Stars!

Part 2: "Let's GO!"

Part 3: "Damn it Toad..."

Part 4: "Really Cool Level Design"

Part 5: "Double Friggin Cherry!"

Part 6: "Dat Platforming Tho!"

Part 7: "Just Creepy" 

Part 8: "Switchboards Anyone?" 

Part 9: "GAME OVER" 

Part 10: "Trippy Music" 

Part 11: "Lava Rock Lair Boss!" 

Part 12: "Sunshine Seaside and Tricky Trapeze Theater!"

Part 13: "Captain Toad/Backstreet Bustle/Sprawling Savana!" 

Part 14: "This rabbit is gonna get me killed" 

Part 15: "Nintendo Store!"  

Part 16: "I hate Bullies"  

Part 17: "Goomba Peach Tho"  

Part 18: "If only I was a cat..."  

Part 19: "Birdz Eye"  

Part 20: "I hate this level"  

Part 21: "Ramble time"  

Part 22: "Cat Plez"  

Part 23: "How to Promote your Youtube Channel"  

Part 24: "Killing BOOS" 

Part 25: "Animal Cruelty"  

Part 26: "FINALE"  

Part 27: "Bonus Levels!"
If you could help spread the video, whether by liking it, subscribing, commenting, I'd be very thankful.

Cheers! And more LPs to come soon!